Close more couples for your

venue in less time

We set up and run sales systems to

reliably book out your venue.

Simplify your

business and time

Stop being

'ghosted' for tours


follow ups


writing & emails

What if you only had to chat, give the tour

and collect the deposit?

When you use a proven system to help couples

book your venue, it's possible.

We'll set everything up for you and help automate and manage sales so you can focus on the fun part: your venue!

"9 bookings in 6 weeks"

"We've been in business 15 years, and I was at a place where I was just overwhelmed... the

Book More Brides team has been very accessible, and after starting our work with them, we've gotten

9 bookings in 6 weeks!"


There’s a reason you have no-shows to your

tours, dropped sales, and way too much

work on your plate...

Venues that are constantly booked out with high-ticket weddings have two things in place: great website copy and winning follow-up.

When a couple signs up for a tour on their site, they go into something called a marketing funnel. A good funnel will take them through several steps:

  1. The couple finds a website with lovely photos of the venue and clear language about its benefits
  2. They book a tour and are regularly reminded of their booking
  3. After the tour, they hear from the venue and see photos of past weddings, testimonials, and reminders to book their spot before its gone. The venue stays top of mind via email and text for months until they are ready to book.
  4. Once they have booked, you'll be able to easily help them prepare for the big day.

All this follow up may seem like

pestering, but to a bride, it’s a huge


Think about it.

  • She has tons of options.
  • Most of her venue and vendor options have terrible communication.
  • She’s overwhelmed.

When you gently nudge her toward a decision with clear steps, you make her choice easier.

She’ll feel more comfortable trusting you with her special day, because you’re more attentive.

But... This level of attention is impossible to manage consistently without the right software and team to help you run it all.

Plus, it wears you out!

You don’t have to personally manage all your

contacts, or struggle to use 4 different

sales softwares. That’s what we’re here for.

We’ll Be Your Partner to Help Manage Sales & Marketing

No more losing thousands to dropped leads.

Here’s how our team partners with you to generate income without taking more time:

Refresh your website

We’ll update your main page with

clear language and show off

your venue’s best features.

Set Up Your 1-Stop

Sales System

Our custom CRM (Contact Relationship Management) is designed for wedding

industry businesses.

Set Up Your

Automated Follow Up

We’ll write and set up

every text and email to

automatically remind

your brides until they

book you.

1-on-1 Training

We’ve got the industry

expertise to show you

how to close deals and

bring in more revenue.

Plus These Bonuses...

We’re offering these done-for-you bonus services to VIP’s:

VIP | Teaching

VIP Access invites you

to share ideas and get coaching to help support you with unique venue challenges.


We’re able to discount professional

SEO support to improve your

Google search ranking so

brides can easily find you


VIP | Writing Your Marketing

You’ll get written content,

created by wedding industry

experts who know how to

speak to your ideal couples.

From emails, to texts and

more, we have you covered.

Hey venue owner,

It doesn’t have to be so hard

to run your business successfully!

After decades working in marketing and copywriting - and years

focusing on the wedding industry - we understand what you’re goingthrough as a venue owner.

We’ve seen far too many owners of stunning venues deal with:

  • Being on-call all the time
  • Struggling to manage contacts, bookings, and follow up
  • Wasting time managing or learning too many marketing softwares
  • Feeling embarrassed about their site
  • Wondering if your site shows your venue off well... or is even being found online

When you have the right systems in place, you can take your time back. You really can book out your venue with eager, high-paying couples!

Schedule a Call so we can help you grow. We can’t wait to meet you!

Kate & Nick Storey | Book More Brides Co-Founders

"We've doubled our business!"

"We’d only been open for 6 months, and since we started working with

Book More Brides, we’ve doubled our business."


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Setup Your Systems

We will improve your site copy,

set up your booking

system, and

implement follow-up

messaging for you.


Book More Brides

Your leads will be

organized and clearly

directed to each next

step. That means no

more ghosting and

more booked brides!

You'll Wonder How You Did

Business Without These Tools...

The Wedding Industry

Booking System

"Nick helped to set up the lead funnel & automations to ease the follow-up, lead tracking and closure to bring in more

leads… [the CRM] is a wonderful tool customized for the wedding industry."

Ganesh Subramanian • The Seville | Owner

Consistent, Kind Follow Up

"I am SO that person who doesn't want

to bug people, but the tips from Book

More Brides are helping me with low-pressure follow-up that keeps us on couples' radars."

KELLY NELSON • Event Coordinator | Braham Event Center

An Expert Team

“The Book More Brides team has

been very accessible, and after

starting our work with them, we’ve

gotten 9 bookings in 6 weeks!"

Janice Livingston • Owner | Sampson’s Hollow

Organize your leads.

Delegate great follow up.

Flood your booking calendar.

When you’re ready to simplify your job as a venue owner

with a great team of wedding-industry specialists, let’s talk!




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