More Tours for Your Wedding Venue

in Less Time

make follow-up easier and bring in more couples with an

Easy-to-use system built just for wedding venues

You know you have an amazing wedding venue...

so why can't you seem to book it out?

No matter what you do, it seems like you're always getting ghosted by couples who ask for info and then disappear - or they schedule an appointment, only to never show up (or come back).

You know that when you get couples on-site, you can usually close them...the problem is getting them there in the first place.

It's time to find a solution.

The Book More Brides Venue Booking System makes it easy to keep couples excited about seeing your wedding venue - and getting them to stick with their site tour. Our easy-to-use system keeps all of your conversations simple, direct, and in one place, reducing the time that's needed from you to make it all happen.

And with calendars and reminders for your couples, texting, emails, Facebook Messenger integrations, writing templates and more, it’s never been easier or faster to stay on top of your leads - and your calendar booked.

If you're tired of...

  • Chasing down leads
  • No-shows that never come back
  • Feeling like you're always on-call for your wedding venue

...then the Book More Brides Venue Booking System is the solution you've been looking for.

With built-in automatic (yet personal) follow-up, the entire inquiry process is managed for you. Leads get the info they're looking for - without you having to drop everything to answer them.

And whenever you're ready to step into the conversation, everything is ready for you in one more having to dig through emails, website forms or messages to figure out where they came from and where the conversation left off.

Your leads will get the high-quality customer service they expect, and you'll get the tours you need for your wedding venue - all while freeing up more time in your schedule for your business and your family.

Shawna Millard

Chateau du Nuage

"We’d only been open for 6 months, and since we started working with Book More Brides, we’ve doubled our business."

Get More Couples On-Site,
So They Can Fall in Love with Your Venue

Turn cold inquiries into engaged, active leads who can't wait to see how their wedding will come to life at your venue. Follow-up messages that keep you front and center with interested couples, appointment reminders and easy rescheduling when it's's a system that just works.

How It Works

Here's how to get more leads and start turning more inquiries into tours with the Book More Brides Venue Booking System:

1) schedule a call

Choose a time to connect with Nick, co-owner of Book More Brides, so we can learn more about your wedding venue and see if it's a good fit for each other. If so, we'll invite you to begin.

2) Get started

Our team will help you get set up so you can start automatically bringing in and messaging leads with our easy-to-use systems that keep conversations going - and tours scheduled.

3) more tours, less ghosting

Get more couples excited to make and keep their tour appointment (and easily reschedule if necessary), so they can start seeing their wedding happening there - and you can finally get your incredible venue booked out the way you know it should be.

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"I am SO that person who doesn't want to bug people, but the tips from Book More Brides are helping me with low-pressure follow-up that keeps us on couples' radars."



"We’ve been in business 15 years, and I was at a place where I was just overwhelmed...the Book More Brides team has been very accessible, and after starting our work with them, we’ve gotten 9 bookings in 6 weeks!"



"Nick helped to set up the lead funnel & automations to ease the follow-up, lead tracking and closure to bring in more leads…[it] is a wonderful tool customized for the wedding industry."



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